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The Peanut Project: a series of masterclasses in support of racialized women's entrepreneurship

On November 11, 2023, LËTZ RISE UP is organizing its fourth edition of the "Peanut Project". This conference project is being carried out with a single goal in mind: to combat discrimination against racialized women in the entrepreneurial world.

On this occasion, 5 women from immigrant backgrounds, with exceptional entrepreneurial backgrounds, will share their intense and enriching experiences with the public through 5 master classes on different topics:

Own your story: Leadership, storytelling and action

Dress to impress

Craft Stories That Attracts High Quality Clients With Ease


Creating an inspiring brand with digital tools

Imane Belmkaddem, Myriam Taylor, Carisa Dias and Jennifer He Olding at the third Masterclass in May 2021 at the Chamber of Commerce.

A matter of power

Racism is more than an opinion, it's a matter of power with social and economic consequences. According to a study by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights conducted between 2015 and 2016, 40% of Afro-descendant women surveyed said they had experienced discrimination in hiring in the last five years.

The next MasterClass will be held at the Geesseknäppchen forum, and will be on the topic : Quit everything! Starting a business as a woman in Luxembourg. The aim is to offer expert advice and tools to racialized and non-racialized women involved in an entrepreneurial project, to help them overcome their limiting beliefs and deprogram their automatisms.

For participants, it's an opportunity to meet inspiring speakers. Famed entrepreneur Marlee Dos Rees will be leading a workshop, as will Jana Degrott - politician and founder of the NGO We Belong.

"In Luxembourg, women find it difficult to know where to turn. We want to act as a guide, redirecting them to mentors who know the business they want to get into," says Sandrine Gashonga, president of Lëtz Rise Up. Let's shake things up together!

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