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The Peanut Project, a series of workshops empowering women!

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The Peanut Project is meant to provide up-and-coming female entrepreneurs access and opportunity to learn from some of the country’s top experts. It also provides a platform for Women Executives and entrepreneurs to network, share their stories and promote their work.

  • Connect with successful women business leaders

  • Foster a community of women in entrepreneurship

  • Gain ideas and inspiration from the country's top experts

  • Learn from the women who broke through walls and shattered ceilings

  • Enjoy excellent food and drinks

WHEN: Saturday, November 11, from 2 to 7 p.m.
WHERE: Forum Geesseknäppchen, 40 Boulevard Pierre Dupong, L-1430, Luxembourg
COST: 20€

The program includes:

"Own your story: Leadership, storytelling and action" with Jana Degrott 

During this presentation, attendees will develop the expertise to create a captivating personal narrative that helps others comprehend their motivations (their "why"). They will also learn to construct a shared narrative that promotes togetherness within their community, and a timely narrative that converts the current situation into a chance for progress, hope, and purposeful action.

Jana Degrott is a co-founder of We Belong and leading the #PowHer program. With a strong commitment to fostering inclusivity, Jana dedicates herself to empowering minority groups, enabling them to achieve their potential and gain representation in all domains. As a co-founder of We Belong, she aims to challenge prevailing norms and shatter stereotypes concerning women of color in Europe. In her capacity as the #PowHer program manager, Jana drives an engaging and interactive leadership initiative tailored for aspiring female leaders. By imparting essential skills and nurturing confidence and ambition, PowHer empowers the next generation of women to positively influence society.

"Imagine. Improve. Inspire" with Marlee Dos Reis 

A visionary leader, advocate for diversity, and passionate photographer, Marlee started her career in 2017 with a goal to amplify underrepresented voices in Luxembourg. She's developed platforms that celebrate diversity and disrupt traditional narratives. In 2017, she organized the inaugural Cape Verdean Award Show, and thereafter, launched a unique makeup and clothing brand promoting diverse beauty. When the world faced the pandemic-induced lockdown in 2020, she started "Tell Your Own Story," a video project inviting individuals from different walks to share their inspiring tales and address taboo topics. In 2022, she organized the inaugural Imani Fashion Show, furthering the representation of diverse cultures. As of 2023, she host the successful podcast "Ënnert dem Teppech," another platform for extraordinary stories of everyday people. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and representation in all its forms continually shapes Luxembourg's sociocultural landscape.

"Dress to impress" with Neha Bhandari

This “Dress to Impress” presentation is aimed towards Business Entrepreneurs to empower them with tools to discover their Personal Style and Brand so that they are confident when making their clothing choices as a representation of their professional roles and an expression of who they are. We make snap judgments within 8 seconds of seeing a person…. On what basis? Clothes, color, body language… Clothing and mannerisms represent your confidence and your success- That’s the impact of your attire! But, getting dressed and ready to face the world Every-Single-Day can be hard work. You needn't be an avid fashionista to be aware of how important our dress sense is to our reputation in the 21st Century. The clothes we wear send powerful signals to our peers and strangers, projecting the self-image of us that we want to display. Just like our culture, education, and religious beliefs, let’s accept clothing as another element of our personality that defines who we are. Join the Workshop to discover how to use clothing to our advantage, and the impact of colors on our being, let’s decode our wardrobes and aim to make clothes a part of “US”.

Neha Bhandari is a Personal Stylist - StylizedU ( She relocated from India to Arizona USA and eventually to Luxembourg where she rolled out her dream and embarked on this entrepreneurial journey. Neha holds a Masters in Fashion Merchandising and Management from NIFT India, a Bachelors in Business Administration and a specialization in Personal and Wardrobe Styling-Phoenix USA. Along with her work experience in fashion retailing in Mumbai-India, she carved a niche for herself in Luxembourg 9 years ago by starting “StylizedU” a Personal Styling company. As a Personal and Fashion Stylist, Neha works with both corporates and individuals assisting them in making appropriate clothing choices based on their personality, body type, color, lifestyle and work environment. She uses styling as her tool to enhance your confidence and make you “the best version of yourself” because you never get a second chance to make your first impression!

"Ask the Peri/Menopause Specialist: How To Become A Sought-After, Well-Paid Business Owner In Less Than A Year (You Don't Need a Business Degree)” with Victoria honey

From Side hustle to Global Brand. Learn how to 10x  your credibility and attract clients from all over the world in less than a year. Establish yourself as a sought- after leader, who charges premium price for your product and services.

Victoria Honey is a trauma-Informed sexual empowerment, sensual artist, healer, and embodied leadership coach. She helps fem-leaders who want to unlock the richness of pleasure in their body and rediscover what turns them on so that they can live their best life in sex, love, and intimacy. Raised catholic, inherited generational trauma, and racism she has gone from naturally healing decades of vaginismus to thrive in sex, love, and intimacy. She has guided hundreds of women into expanding erotically in her group “Nourhing Sex” and “Nourhed Perimenopause”. Victoria has been featured in publications including Divine Living Magazine, EOF, Inspired Coach, Huff Post, Elite Daily, and more. Her whole mission in life is to help women rise above mediocre sex, embody luscious sexuality, and find belonging. She lives in Luxembourg with her partner and 2 girls, and she love all things sexual empowerment. You can find Victoria at

!!!CANCELLED!!! "Leveraging artificial intelligence for your small business" with Shaïna Silva

Shaïna Silva is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Innovation Architect, and Digital Transformation Strategist renown for her unwavering dedication to driving innovation and fostering economic opportunities in underserved communities. Actively engaged in her family’s business and community endeavors in her formative years in Haiti, Shaïna's upbringing instilled in her the essence of shared prosperity as a catalyst for transformative change, laying the groundwrok for her mission-driven journey. Shaïna's professional journey took a transformative shift as she ventured into the heart of innovation in Africa—an experience that left an enduring imprint on her trajectory. Working within innovation hubs across the continent and collaborating with governments and private sector organizations to design sustainable programs to nurture a budding entrepreneurship ecosystem, Shaïna witnessed technology's potential to uplift marginalized communities, carve pathways for entrepreneurs, and rewrite narratives of possibility. Eager to channel her learnings from Africa to address challenges closer to home, Shaina returned to the United States to hone her skills and test her ideas. Her remarkable journey led her to the esteemed Singularity University program at NASA, sponsored by Google, where she designed tech-driven solutions to address global challenges.

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